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Psychologists and neuropsychologists in Burlington, Ontario

By Mail: Storrie, Velikonja and Associates
2-573 Maple Avenue
Burlington, ON  L7S 2E8
By Phone: (905) 333-0072
By Fax: (905) 333-0082
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General Information
Ms Terri MacAleese, Administrative Director/Neuropsychological Services Coordinator
Ms Carolyn Reinhart, Accounting Supervisor
Ms Victoria Whittle, Psychological Services Coordinator
Ms Hazel Thomas, Receptionist
Dr. H. Jane Storrie, Psychologist
Dr. Diana Velikonja, Psychologist
Dr. Bettina DeRyck, Psychologist
Dr. Cherisse McKay, Psychologist
Dr. Jennifer Saracino, Psychologist
Dr. Sandra Belfry,Psychologist
Dr. Christine Cabrera, Psychologist
Dr. Elissa Dua, Psychologist
Dr. Jana Frtusova, Psychologist
Dr. Corrie Goldfinger, Psychologist
Dr. Sarah Tuck, Psychologist
Dr. Shireen Abuhatoum, Psychologist
Dr. Melanie Cochrane, Psychologist (Supervised Practice)
Dr. Shayna Nussbaum, Psychologist (Supervised Practice)
Dr. Emilie Sheppard, Therapist/Neuropsychological Consultant
Dr. Jelena King, Psychologist
Dr. Catherine Leite, Psychologist


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