Welcome to the SVA Healthy Aging and Dementia Clinic


At the SVA Healthy Aging and Dementia Clinic we provide psychological and neuropsychological assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions associated with aging.

For example, we perform dementia screening to allow us to discriminate between the effects of the normal aging process and conditions that could indicate disease. Screening can bring great peace of mind for individuals and families considering assisted-living housing or long-term care. Even those suffering from dementia can safely remain in their own homes with treatment and supports we can provide. There's nothing better than the comfort of home.

To promote healthy aging, we offer a range multidisciplinary assessment and treatment services to ensure our patients can age-in-place — and age well.

Psychological services include:

capacity assessment neuropsychological assessment
cognitive remediation/memory training neurorehabilitation
dementia screening pharmacy
elder mediation psychological assessment
home-based supports psychogeriatric assessment
neuropsychological assessment psychotherapy


Our multidisciplinary roster includes the following specialists:

audiologist occupational therapist
chiropodists optometrists
chiropractor pharmacist
home-based care managers physiotherapist
naturopathic doctor speech-language pathologist
nutritionist vestibular rehabilitation specialist


Conditions that we treat include:

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