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Science-Based Meditation

You don't have to become a monk to meditate like one….

Meditation was once thought of as a primarily mystical or spiritual practice. When many people think of meditation, they think of monks meditating for years and years in a monastery attempting to achieve enlightenment. Recently, meditation has come under the microscope of scientists interested in its many touted health benefits, and scientific research into meditation has discovered amazing results. The regular practice of meditation has now been proven to dramatically reduce stress, enhance focus, and build emotional resilience. These are things that everyone could use more of in our fast paced, stress-driven world.

Meditation doesn't just work on our minds, it's also been found to affect us at the physical level. When studied with brain imaging technology, the brains of experienced meditation practitioners show measurable differences in brain structure and activity from those who do not meditate. The size of important brain areas, the electrical rhythms of the brain, and the connections between important brain structures are all improved with meditation. These benefits then carry over into life, helping us to make better decisions, have greater self-control, reduce stress, improve tolerance to stressful situations, and increase our ability to let go of emotional baggage. Meditation affects the body too. Scientists are now showing that a meditation practice can help to switch on genes associated with healing and reduction of inflammation, changing the expression of our very DNA for the better.

With the new understandings of how it works and the effects it has on our bodies and minds, meditation has never been more powerful or easy to learn. When practiced regularly, these simple mental exercises and breathing techniques can completely rewire and retrain your brain for the better. You can build the brain of a monk, without having to spend the rest of your life in a monastery.

The Meditation Made Easy Course

This 4-week program is an introduction to meditation where participants will learn simple, powerful, research-based meditation techniques that are easy to integrate into a busy life. Each meditation has been carefully selected for its ability to create changes in your brain and body that are scientifically proven to:

Many people want to try meditation for its many health benefits but don't know where to start. Each week participants will have the opportunity to try a variety of different meditation practices with the goal of finding a particular practice that works for them. There are many different types of meditation to choose from and everyone's mind works in its own unique way. Learning about and trying a variety of practices will allow participants to find something that they really enjoy, in order to build a lasting and rewarding habit.

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Course Outline

4-week course, taught in weekly 1.5 hour sessions

Week 1: Meditation 101

Week 2: Brainwave States Training

Week 3: Mindfulness

Week 4: Cultivating Happiness

Course Includes: