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  • Women’s Menopause & Brain Health Clinic

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    The SVA Women’s Menopause & Brain Health clinic was developed to educate, empower and support women through the life transitions associated with middle age. This is a multifaceted journey through which women benefit with knowledge and support. Many women find they experience a variety of difficult emotional, cognitive and physical symptoms during this phase of life, and, accessing helpful and appropriate treatment can be difficult.  This clinic offers specialized Psychological Treatment services for women experiencing perimenopause and menopause; and treatment is tailored to your unique needs and is designed to optimize your mental health and cognitive brain health. Experienced Clinical Psychologists and Neuropsychologists use evidence-based treatment strategies to develop a treatment plan and customize sessions to address a wide variety of treatment needs and conditions. We specialize in addressing mood changes, work/life balance, stress management, managing/reducing vasomotor symptoms, working through insomnia, compensating for brain fog, learning about various treatment options, managing feelings associated with changes in sexual health, coping with urogenital changes, and navigating the medical system.

    Evidence-based Psychological Treatment sessions at the SVA Women’s Menopause & Brain Health Clinic will help you to:

    1. Learn to cope with and reduce your most difficult mental health symptoms.
    2. Learn to recognize menopause symptoms and their impact on your daily functioning.
    3. Learn about a variety of treatment options and where to find them.
    4. Identify and make lifestyle changes that will help reduce menopause symptoms.
    5. Receive a Cognitive Screening Assessment to determine your cognitive strengths and weaknesses and address gaps in your thinking skills (Additional cost/Upon request).
    6. Receive cognitive training to learn compensatory strategies for brain fog, concentration, and memory problems in order to improve efficiency at work and at home.
    7. Enhance your well-being and empower your healthy aging process.